Should Authors Start Marketing Before They’re Published?

We often get asked by new authors, our audience or just in general query emails, should an author begin promoting whilst in production?

Our answer to this is almost always, yes. The sooner the better. The most important thing you can do right now for yourself and your book, is begin building a platform.


Get a Social Media


If you don’t have Twitter and Instagram, get one! You can see handy guides on setting up social medias for free, here:


Instagram how to

Twitter how to


Once you have your social media, begin following readers and writers, maybe even some bookshops and publishers. Grow your following by following others. You can communicate with them too, start posting about your writing journey, basically create that buzz. This can all be done before you even write your book by the way, the earlier the better!


Start building a list of contacts



If you know your demographic, begin now. Pop into some bookshops if you can and get contact details or begin a friendly relationship with those who work there. See if you can also get details for radio, magazines and so on.

Plan out who those review copies and press releases will be sent to. Your publishers will be doing this a bit later for you, but two hands are always better than one.


Ask if anyone is interested



We would not recommend setting up any signings or book launches, unless you have been given a specific, definite date. Which will likely be given around a month before your release (this can vary publisher to publisher, however).

Rather than pencil in dates, ask if an event would be of interest if they say yes, note it down then get back to them when you’re given a publication date.


Enlisting the help of friends and family to promote



Friends and family can be the starting push one needs, you never know the contacts or platform they may have! Speak to them and see if anyone can give a hand with the promotion.

Finally, promotions will likely begin around a month before publication with the publicity team, before publication is usually when ideas can be shared and small campaigns can be published, if relevant. E.g. a cover reveal. Marketing by the author is not essential, but based on evidence it’s a big help.

08 Jul 2020