Can a busy person write a book? How to work around your lifestyle to make time for your writing

We often speak to aspiring writers or speak to interesting characters, usually the thought of writing a novel has crossed their minds, but a big problem they haven’t been able to work around is their lifestyle and schedule. So, here are a few tips on how to make time to write!

Should Authors Start Marketing Before They’re Published?

We often get asked by new authors, our audience or just in general query emails, should an author begin promoting whilst in production?Our answer to this is almost always, yes. The sooner the better. The most important thing you can do right now for yourself and your book, is begin building a platform.

Who Wants To Kill Me Today? | Edith Stone #BlackLivesMatter

I’m afraid to write inside of the United States.  In the first book of my Education Without Walls series, I give many examples of how that fear was manipulated into my unaware psyche. It was pressed into me onward throughout my life as it has been pressed into the psyche of all other Black or Brown inhabitants of the derogatory system in the United States. 

Have a change of scenery by reading outdoors

With lockdown slowly easing, we are now being encouraged to go outside a little more. Many of us have been stuck inside reading for months, so here are some new suggestions on where you can safely read with a change of scenery.

Taking critique. Should you?

Just like any creative industry, you get your down-to-earth authors and you get your ego-authors. What we mean by ego is people who believe their works is 100% perfect, which, news flash – no authors, no singer, no publisher basically no person, is 100% perfect. Most can take advice, some can’t. The question is, should authors take critique?