Penning Poetry 101- Exploring Different Poetry Styles

Coming off the back of yesterday’s World Poetry Day, we were struck with the wise idea to put together an article on how to approach writing poetry. Of course, there’s no tried and true way to do it, but here are some tips that might help you out!

P.S.A Regarding a Recent Scam

Through an influx of recent messages to the Olympia Author Hub social media accounts, we have been made aware of a phishing scheme that has been circulating. Please read this article to make yourself aware of this.

Navigating Neurodiversity: Creative Writing for the Atypical Mind

As a publishing house, it cannot be overstated how much we believe in the strengths and talents of neurodivergent people, and how eager we are to welcome neurodivergent authors onto our roster. In literature, readers are always hoping to feast their eyes on something that feels new or fresh, whether it is a concept, plot or perspective, and few can provide unique perspectives in the way that neurodivergent writers can.

How To Sell Your Book with a Good Blurb

“Don’t judge a book by its blurb” is not a phrase you’ll ever hear- and for good reason! Here’s our guide on how to write a blurb that will hook any prospective reader.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid as a New Author

Starting out in the world of writing can be daunting and confusing. Here are some common pitfalls that new writers should avoid.

Can Publishers Ever Guarantee Sales?

The main goal of a publishing house is to sell books, so naturally they will put steps in to place to encourage sales. As much as publishers would like every book to go on to sell very well, unfortunately this does not always happen.