Publishing process

Why Writers on Lockdown are Staying Positive During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has crippled many people and businesses. Yet, authors are staying calm and mindful? Why? With all the bad news, let’s think of some positives. Here are some good things to come out of self-isolation for authors!

How to get published!

Here is a step by step guide on how to get published. From proposal to publication.

What are Royalties?

We often are asked questions from authors and submission about royalties. When are royalties paid? How much of a royalty do authors get? Let’s start what are royalties are, shall we!

Things you can do while you’re in the submission stage

Submission stages vary on the publisher. Some publishers take a few days, some like us take around 4-6 weeks and others can take longer than 3 months! So, that’s quite a bit of waiting time, here are some things you can do while you wait!

Write because you love writing not because you want to be a millionaire

One of the most frustrating things for best-selling authors and publishers alike is many authors only writing for a career. There are countless blogs and articles written by famous authors that say writing should happen as a hobby or passion, not to pay the bills, and if it turns into a career, that is a fantastic plus!

What Makes a Great Book Cover?

We’re asked this question a lot by our authors, “What makes a perfect book cover” – this of course changes depending on what the book is about and who it is aimed too. But the core is the same. So, here’s our advice on coming up with the perfect book cover!