Publishing process

Questions to ask your editor before you sign your publishing contract

We all know how exciting publishing is! When you get an offer of publishing, you may find yourself so elated you can’t wait to sign and start the process, but hold your horses – there are some questions you should consider asking before you sign, so you know how the publishing process works.

Track Changes – How to

Track changes if often used in publishing when proofing, editing and amending – it’s an incredibly helpful tool. In this article, we’ll explain what it is, how it is used and why it’s so important to use in publishing.

Introducing… Our Commissioning Editor

Meet James Houghton, Commissioning Editor as Olympia Publishers, our parent company. We had the pleasure of asking James a few questions about his role as an Editor, read on to see the full interview. 

Why Writers on Lockdown are Staying Positive During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has crippled many people and businesses. Yet, authors are staying calm and mindful? Why? With all the bad news, let’s think of some positives. Here are some good things to come out of self-isolation for authors!

How to get published!

Here is a step by step guide on how to get published. From proposal to publication.

What are Royalties?

We often are asked questions from authors and submission about royalties. When are royalties paid? How much of a royalty do authors get? Let’s start what are royalties are, shall we!