10 ways authors can promote their book!

We work closely with each individual author in regard to promotion and marketing. It’s extremely important that the author and publisher work together for the successful promotion of your book – we’re working together to achieve the same goal after all!


There are many ways in which promotion can be achieved. In particular, this includes dialogue with the local newspapers, TV stations, radio and with any contacts you have already created in the local community. We will approach bookstores, libraries, radio stations and newspapers/magazines. We also ask that you utilize your contacts and speak to them as well as local bookshops and media outlets with a review copy of your book, as well as spreading the word in your own circles as we will do with ours.


Start local

Personal contact on a local level with independent bookshops is incredibly helpful and has in the past had some fantastic results. Perhaps ask if they will display a poster, leave some flyers and bookmarks. Supply a review copy of the book, if requested, and ask if there is a possibility of a book signing. Signings are an excellent way to promote the book and yourself!


Approach in person

Consider an approach in person or by telephoning local libraries, as they may hold author events, such as a reading or book signing. Alternatively, they may be interested in holding an event such as a writing workshop, that you could be involved in. They may also wish to stock the book!


Seek out groups and societies

Approach any specialist societies, writing groups, or associations (local and national) to which you belong to. This is an excellent way to promote yourself in your own circles.


Take part in festivals and exhibitions

Another great choice for promotion is exhibiting your book on a stand if you are attending any festivals/events; we are happy to put you forward as a speaker. Also, events and festivals usually come hand in hand with a supply of wine – another plus…


Go for book clubs

Local book clubs – approach any local book clubs within your area who may be interested in you holding a talk or reading. If there’s a themed week, be inventive. Host a party with your book as the star. If you want to be really creative try quirky ideas such as book-themed cupcakes, fancy dress (pick a character from your book) or incorporate the genre your book holds to the party/event. E.g. If it’s a crime, have a Cluedo theme!


Contact Radio Stations

Radio stations are often very enthusiastic about local authors and may be interested in holding an author interview with yourself on their station.


Look for Local Newspapers/Magazines

Local newspapers are usually very helpful in including something regarding a local author within their publication, whether it’s a book review or an author interview. A better response is usually received from a local paper when approached directly by the author.



If you feel it’s appropriate for your book, try approaching schools within your area to see if they hold writers workshops which you could possibly be involved with. If you can, try and approach the school you attended yourself!


Stay active on social media

Notify any social media followers, friends, family and book groups which you follow (on twitter, etc.) of the release of your book.


Keep up-to-date with Facebook Events 

Make sure you post any author events, etc., on your Facebook page to get the word out.


If for any reason you feel that you cannot personally become involved in promotional work, your ideas and contacts will still be valuable to your publisher.


We hope that the above is of some help to you.


Above all, be patient, it could take several months to get your book reviewed in the media. It takes time to build sales and to get your name known.


Although both parties can do their best to promote any book, the ultimate success or otherwise is down to the readers. Success cannot be guaranteed, however, it can be encouraged. Marketing will continue for as long as your book is in print.

14 Apr 2019